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Re-dispositions of Matter

Carolina Otero Pardo

About the Artist

Carolina Otero is a Venezuelan artist born in Paris, France, who lives in Houston since July 2013. She is the daughter of artists Alejandro Otero and Mercedes Pardo. A graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Arts and Science in New York City,  Carolina Otero has developed her artistic experience in different cultural surroundings such as the U.S., Norway, France, and her native country, Venezuela. 


In addition to working in her studio, she has taught Art to high school and Art School students as well as workshops to Art teachers. She has also been taking Education and Human Development classes, thus gathering a deep understanding of learning processes and the use of expressive means.


Since 2001 Carolina´s work has been shown in galleries and Museums in Oslo, Paris, Miami, Houston, and Caracas and Maracay (Venezuela), both individually and in solo exhibitions. Her work is part of private collections in Norway, Australia, France, U.S.A. and Venezuela.