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Ismael Mundaray

A New Look At Reality

About the Artist

He was born in October7, 1952 in City of Caripito, State of Monagas, Venezuela. Currently He is living in Paris, France. His life, a little bit nomadic by change of residence of the family, is marked by different places of residence, especially at the great Orinoco River Delta and Native American communities of Venezuela . This impact will later appear in his plastic work. Since childhood, he showed a clear inclination for art,  He begins to study and practice of graphic techniques and from there he turned to painting, to which he devotes all his time since. Mundaray has always been concerned with matters of national affairs, he dealt with themes ranging from cocoa through religious syncretism, the legend of the people, to the cosmogonies and domestic life of different Native American communities in Venezuela. His work fits into  minimalist contemporary pictorial languages, where he defended a creative position outside the traditional canons and performs work that places him among the most important Venezuelan young creators.

Exhibitions & Projects


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