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Susana Gordon Attias

A War on Color

About the Artist

Susana Gordon Attias, born in Caracas 1954, naturalized American citizen, is  Venezuelan-American Visual Artist. Currently , she is living in New York , with experience over 30 years in Visual Art inside art category Abstract Expressionist. Education continued studied 2 years of Architecture in Caracas,studied Arts in Ottawa University,and Cinema in Paris and NYU.She is the Art Student's League and studied master classes with Knox Martin, Martha Bloom . She feel passion for Cinema had developed my eye for still frames which I take to the canvas or applied to Photography. Her art statement is defined as persistent and warrior, feels the need to look into it a childhood memory that was deleted "Happiness", and when you create your reality feels fun, energy and happiness. She works in paint, collage and other medium, as a therapist she works with balancing energies and natural healing. Now, start new resolutions for 2016 with personal challenge  with art dealer in South Florida.

Exhibitions & Projects


The Art Students League of New York  years 1985-1986-1987-1988



Mencion Honorifica, Salon de Dibujo, Museo Alejandro Otero La Rinconada, Caracas,1988

Honorable Mention, Drawing Room, Alejandro Otero Museum La Rinconada, Caracas, 1988





Ollantay Center for the Arts, New York , 1988

Galeria Clave, Caracas, 1990

Galeria A, Caracas,1992

Galeria OKYO, Caracas, 1993

Daisen Motors, Caracas, 1993



The Art Students League of New York,  period 1985-1986-1987-1988

Cork Gallery Lincoln Center, New York ,1986

P.S.64/El Bohio (former)/Place Matters, New York , 1986

Club Puerto Azul , Caracas, 1986,1990

Emerging Collection, New York,1987,1988

Annual Art Salon Bijoux, Caracas, 1987,1988,1989,1990

Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas, 1990

Galeria Mayz Leon, Caracas,1987

Salon Maracay, Maracay Venezuela, 1988

Museo Alejandro Otero la Rinconada, Salon de Dibujo, Caracas, 1988

Libreria Sala Mendoza, Caracas,1989

Title Amazonia III, itinerant cities of Venezuela 1989,1990

Hispanic Heritage exhibition Space, New York ,1990

Gallery Wetherbold , Washington, 1990

Art Gallery Banco Central of Venezuela, Bank Financial Institution, Caracas, 1990

Ceres Gallery, New York, 1991                          

BANAP Caracas, Venezuela Bank Financial Institution. 1993

Nina Torres Fine Art, Exhibition Space, Miami, Fl, 2014










http://valweb.org/pastlincoln.htm           The Cork Gallery Exhibition Space, New York


http://placematters.net/node/1432                  El Bohio Gallery today is Place Matters